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If you have picture C regulator make sure you have turned the switch to face the cylinder you have turned on.

If this is red you will have at least one empty bottle. Contact our office for replacement.

No it should be either fully green or red. It will not tell you if a bottle is half full or empty.

These instructions are a general guide only; instructions on flipside of access cover of your hot water system should be used.

    1.  Remove the access cover
    2.  Turn the gas control knob fully clockwise to the off position
    3. Wait five 5 minutes to allow any build-up of gas to escape.If you can smell gas, stop, If you do not smell gas, proceed to step 4.
    4. Turn the knob to the pilot position. (Star symbol)
    5. Press the knob fully down (until star disappears below housing) and after 30 seconds, whilst keeping the knob pressed down, repeatedly press the igniter button for up to 40 seconds until the pilot flame ignites. Warning: Keep your face and body clear of the combustion chamber opening while pressing the ignite button. Note: It is not possible to press down the knob fully if the gas control has activated its safety shut-off feature. In this case, wait 60 seconds for the gas control to reset.
    6. Keep the knob pressed down for 20 seconds after the pilot flame lights.
    7. Release the knob and check the pilot is still alight. The pilot can be checked by looking through the large opening below the gas control.
    8. If the pilot has failed to light or has not remained alight, turn the gas control knob to the off position l. Wait five 5 minutes for any unburnt gas to Disperse and then begin again at step 4.
      Warning: Failure to wait five 5 minutes may result in a fire or explosion.
    9. When the pilot flame remains alight with the gas control knob released,turn the knob anticlockwise to the number setting, the higher the number the hotter the water.
      Replace the access cover.

Yes, but you will need to get a licenced gas fitter to change or adjust your appliances as L.P.G burns differently to natural gas.

No the gas used in cars is a different blend of gas and is not safe for use in houses

Yes, if you have just used a gas appliance you can usually run your hand down the side of the cylinder and feel a cold area where the gas level is, or sometimes in cold weather this line is visible. Alternately you can pour warm water over the cylinder to see where the line is.

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