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Maintaining and Storing Your LPG

Maintaining and Storing Your LPG

LPG is ideal for many residential, commercial and industrial needs. Many households use LPG in their kitchen and heating systems. I bet you’re one of them. The question though is, are you maintaining and storing your LPG properly?

Proper maintenance and storage include handling, usage, exchange and disposal. Keep in mind that LPG is stored and transported in highly pressurised steel bottles, hence, risks resulting from mishandling will always be present.

LPG bottles should be handled and cared for with utmost precaution to ensure the health and safety of your household. From the moment your gas bottle is delivered to your doorstep until you need to exchange or dispose of it, you should make sure that they are correctly maintained and stored.

Here are some ways to properly maintain and store your 45kg gas bottle:

Gas Bottle Maintenance

  • Do not use gas bottles that show damage or rust;
  • Regularly check for leaks by applying soap-water solution;
  • Do not use a gas bottle that is past its test date;
  • Ensure that your gas regulators and inline devices are in good condition;
  • RECOMMENDED: Replace your regulator every 5 years and your inline hose every 2 years;
  • Turn off the gas device valve when not in use and make sure that the regulator hose is empty;
  • Make sure that no bugs or dirt get inside the valve outlet;
  • Never tamper with any of the bottle gas components and make sure not to expose and prevent people from tampering with them;
  • If you are unsure about how to install it, ask for help from your LPG delivery guy; and
  • In case of leaks, damaged bottles and lose connections, call your trusted LPG provider immediately.
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Proper Storage

  • Your storage should be made of heat-resistant materials;
  • Make sure that your storage area is clean at all times, especially from combustible materials;
  • Make sure to not expose the storage area to direct heat or sunlight;
  • Secure your gas bottles with strong straps or chains just above the bottle’s midpoint so they remain upright;
  • Make sure to store your gas bottle at ground level;
  • The storage should also hold the bottle upright at all times;
  • Protect your storage area from outside and unforeseen physical impacts;
  • Never place your gas bottle in electrical or circuit rooms; and
  • Remember to place proper signage and warning placards like “Highly Flammable” to prevent people from smoking near the area.

Gas Bottle Exchange

  • Exchange your gas bottle from a reputable gas supplier;
  • Do not attempt to refill your gas bottle; and
  • Always check the weight and seal upon delivery: DO NOT accept a gas bottle with a broken seal

LPG Bottle Disposal

  • Ask your LPG provider to help you with the disposal of the bottle;
  • Do not leave the gas bottle anywhere; and
  • Dispose of your gas bottles through authorised test stations or hazardous waste drop-off centres.

Gas Bottle Repair

There is just one simple rule here: NEVER attempt to repair the gas bottle by yourself!

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