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LPG: Safety and Saving Tips

LPG: Safety and Saving Tips

LPG Gas Bottles: Safety and Saving Tips

Gas can be dangerous and can even cause death!

Keeping you and your loved ones safe from any gas explosion is critical. Aussies love using LPG gas for cooking, hot water and heating because it reduces power bills and hey, who doesn’t like saving money. 

Although accidents in the kitchen happen unexpectedly, this can be prevented at the onset. Safety starts with you. Make sure to be careful about what and how you use gas.

So, we’ll let you out some tips on how you can be safe and save on gas.

5 Safety Tips When Using Gas

1. Check for Leaks

Gas leaks may happen within the gas bottle, regulator or pipes. One of the easiest ways to check for leaks is with the use of soap. Simply make a soap solution by adding about a spoonful of liquid soap to a cup of water. Then apply the soap solution to the pipe and the gas bottle. 

You will notice that bubbles will form on the part where there is a leak. In which case, turn off the regulator, put the safety cap back and open all windows and doors for air to circulate. Then call your gas service provider for help.

Remember, never use an open flame to detect leaks!

2. Use Certified Devices

Did you just receive your gas bottle?

Check the gas bottle right away!

Make sure that it has a seal and a safety cap. In case you are not sure how to handle the installation, it is best to ask your delivery guy for help.

Also, remember to use tested and certified gas appliances like the regulator and rubber pipes. Ask your trusted gas provider for the best type of gas bottle, regulator and pipe that will suit your needs.

Keep in mind NOT to receive the gas bottle when the seal is broken!

Use Certified LPG Devices

3. Purchase from an Authorized Supplier

Are you purchasing LPG from an authorized supplier?

If you are looking for an LPG provider you can trust, PlusGas offers the best deals on LPG and other gas supplies and services. You can be sure to receive quality and affordable LPG bottles, devices and services.

Remember: Do not purchase an unbranded gas bottle!

4. Ensure Proper Storage

Surely, your gas bottles are just placed under or anywhere near the stove, right?

The thing is, your LPG gas bottle needs proper air circulation and good drainage. Find a storage area that is sturdy where it can be placed in an upright position. You also have to ensure that your gas bottle is not too close to your burners.

Time and again, always remind yourself that gas is combustible!

We highly recommended keeping it away from direct sunlight or heat-emitting places. Regularly check the condition of your gas bottle and its storage area as well.

It is noteworthy to follow all the safety rules and regulations in handling LPG.

5. Contact a Qualified Service Provider

In case of an emergency, the best thing to do is to call your service provider. PlusGas is an Australian family-owned and operated business. So, you can be sure that you will receive nothing less than value for your safety. We provide outstanding customer service and value for the business.

PlusGas will treat you like family because you deserve a 5-star service like no other!

Now that we’re good with the safety checks, let’s see how we can save on gas usage.

5 Ways to Save on LPG

Remember, saving is caring! 

5 Ways to Save Up on LPG

1. Use Dry Pots and Pans

When you use a wet pot, you will notice that it also takes longer for the pot to heat up. This means that you’ve used a few more grams of gas than you should. Make it a habit to use a dry pot or pan for cooking. This will not just help save on gas but also maintain your burner.

2. Clean Your Burner

A clean burner can help maintain low-fuel consumption. After cooking, cleaning up should be next on your list. Do not leave splatters and grease on your burner. Not only will bacteria migrate to it but will also impact the use of gas.

Surely, you wouldn’t want a dirty burner!

3. Prepare All Your Ingredients

When you are confronted with a busy schedule, you tend to multitask. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

If you are one of the many who prepare the ingredients while heating the pan, you may need to stop doing so. If you think that preparing the ingredients while cooking can save them time, think again.

The truth is, you use up more gas than usual and when the pressure gets into you, it will take more time. You may also end up overcooking some ingredients while leaving others uncooked. It is best to prepare everything you need before turning up the burner.

4. Keep the Lid On

Some say that “a watched pot never boils.”

You can take this literally when cooking. When you are boiling water or simmering the soup, always keep the lid on. The idea is to contain the heat within the pot to make the water or soup boil faster. This, in turn, helps the water boil faster while consuming less gas. 

5. Combat Gas Leaks

Leaking means wasting some grams of gas. So, on the first sight of a gas leak, call PlusGas immediately. We will assist you in stopping the leakage and help you save on gas.

It may also help not to wait for leaks to happen. Regularly check on your gas bottle and the connecting devices. By doing so, no amount of gas is wasted.

Now that you know some LPG safety and saving tips, you can be sure that your household is safe from untoward incidents while ensuring optimum use of gas.

If you are looking for an LPG provider with a proven reputation and years of quality customer service, contact PlusGas in Queensland. We also cater to residents and nearby communities of Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast.

Don’t trust your safety and saving to just anyone, call PlusGas today!

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