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Is a 45kg LPG gas bottle the best size for home use?

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Gas is well known as a renewable energy source, and with many of us becoming more aware of carbon emissions, switching to gas makes complete sense as an environmentally friendly way to power our homes. 

LPG gas bottles are available in different sizes to suit both residential and commercial applications and with so many options available on the market how do you decide which one will suit your home needs?

Technically speaking they can be divided into two options: home use and business use. Domestic LPG gas bottles are available in various sizes – 4kg,9kg,45kg, 90kg and 210kg. Smaller gas bottles such as the 4kg and 9kg are generally used for BBQ’s, camping and leisure activities. In contrast, high volume users or commercial users would typically opt for the 90kg,210kg or even larger LPG tank sizes which start at 0.5 tonnes and go up to + 50 tonnes. 

The 45 Kg Gas Bottle Makes Gas Accessible to Every Home.

The 45kg gas bottle remains the most common domestic LPG gas bottle-cylinder used in homes across Australia, mainly because of its manoeuvrable size and versatility, it can be used for heating, hot water and cooking. The size of the cylinders makes it a convenient alternative to use for fireplaces and reverse-cycle air conditioning units, they are easily stored out of sight and require a basic installation.

What Size Gas Bottle Will I Need?

Choosing a gas bottle cylinder size will likely be determined by your space, storage capacity, and gas consumption needs. A great starting point would be to ask yourself the below two questions- 

  • Are you using gas for cooking or heating or both?
  • How many people live in your home?

The 45kg LPG Gas cylinder is the most common size for domestic use, and a typical installation would include two 45kg gas bottles connected in tandem. A changeover lever allows you to switch between bottles, so when one empties, you can change over to the new one ensuring you have an uninterrupted gas supply. The trick is to remember to order a replacement bottle when you switch to the second cylinder. Having the two bottles is particularly useful for those who live more rurally and where deliveries are not as frequent.

A Quick Glance at 45kg LPG Gas Bottles Specs

  • 45kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Capacity: 88 litres
  • 45kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Diameter: 375mm
  • 45kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Weight: 33-42 kg
  • 45kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Height: 1250mm

You may have seen the words propane and LPG and now wondering if there is a difference in sizes between the two gas bottles– the answer would be no they are exactly the same size cylinders and essentially the same type of gas just marketed differently. LPG gas bottle-cylinder sizes vary by country and within Australia may vary slightly by supplier so be sure to check with your gas supplier that the 45kg bottle is the best size for your intended application. 

Easy and Convenient 

The 45kg bottle has many advantages for the modern home, it is a convenient size to store; it is easily handled and can be refilled onsite by a tanker truck or exchanged for another full LPG bottle. While the 45kg bottle is not the only size that can be swapped, it’s the size convenience that makes it a popular option for small to medium home users.

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