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How much is a 45kg gas bottle for home?

45 kg LPG Gas Bottle Refill Exchange Price

If you are comparing utility prices and specifically LPG gas you would have come across the option of 45kg gas bottles for residential use. This is a cost-effective and energy efficient option for a range of domestic purposes such as BBQ’s, stove tops and home heating needs. A 45kg LPG gas cylinder refill exchange service is a convenient option but how much does it cost?

45 kg LPG Gas Bottle Refill Exchange Price VS  45 kg LPG Gas Bottle Tanker Refill

If you were wondering why some LPG suppliers only offer 45kg gas bottles, that’s because they don’t have tankers to fill the larger 90kg and 210kg sized bottles. Tanker filled 45 kg LPG bottle prices are usually more expensive than 45 kg LPG bottle exchanges, so if you are a regular user of LPG gas you may need to consider exchange vs tanker filled.

The 45kg bottle has so many benefits and is a popular option for home use because the actual size makes it easy to handle and store. The convenience of refills means you can have bottles exchanged for full LPG bottles.

While the 45kg LPG gas bottle is not the only size that can be exchanged it is one of the more popular options because of its size for home use. The price of a 45 kg gas bottle depends on whether you are having it filled by a tanker or you’re having your 45 kg gas bottle exchanged for full ones. The exchange service price is based on the actual gas bottle cost vs the gas bottle refill cost which is based on the per litre price for the gas dispensed from the tanker.

In general, a 45kg Gas cylinder costs can range from $120 to $155 per bottle plus the rental cost for the year which is roughly between $40 to $50 per annum.

Pricing can vary as a result of transportation costs and your delivery location, which is why prices may vary from supplier to supplier. While most suppliers will not charge a delivery check before you place your order. You should also check if there are any cost to initially purchase your gas bottles or any surcharges for deliveries on public holidays/weekends or remote delivery locations.

No up-front costs

Opening a gas account is simple and there should be no up-front cost to do so. You can make payments, order online 24/7 and schedule your refills and monitor your usage with easy-to-use online tools. Some suppliers will offer new customer discounts and lower or no service charges so be sure to ask as many questions to make sure you are receiving value for money!

Top Tip!

A reputable gas supply company will not pressurise their customers to sign a 12- or 24-month contract. So, look for a supplier that will supply you month to month because every month is an opportunity for them to gain your business. An LPG gas supplier that offers no lock in contracts generally has high service standards and wants you to stick with them. Obviously price is also a consideration so compare not only the gas bottle prices but any charges that may not be included.

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