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How long should a 45KG gas bottle last for home?

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How long will my gas bottle last? This is one of the most commonly asked questions and really depends on your home gas consumption needs. When you’re spending a couple hundred dollars for a gas bottle you’ll want to have some indication of value for money and just how long and far that gas will take you. To help you calculate how often you will need to order a 45kg Gas Bottle, we have outlined a few factors that will determine what your gas usage may be and how long it will last your family.

According to online calculators, it’s elementary to assume that because there are approximately 88 litres of gas in a 45kg LPG bottle, it will last you 244 days, the first thing you need to ask is

  • How many people live in the home?
  • Are your gas appliances energy efficient?
  • Do you need gas for cooking or heating or both?

Then other variables that affect consumption are 

  • climate, seasonal temperatures, weather
  • the energy efficiency of your home, insulation
  • size of windows and building construction
  • thermal properties of floor and window coverings
  • ceiling height and indoor temperature settings

Doing the Math

The general rule is if you are using gas for both hot water and cooking a family of four in a 3-bedroom home can expect to replace a 45kg Cylinder every 4-6 weeks. If you have water-saving solutions installed, this can extend out to 6-7 weeks. In winter it’s not uncommon to see an increase in gas usage. We typically take longer; hotter showers and the gas works continuously to keep the water hot. Gas heaters indoors are also big consumption culprits and combined it all adds up fairly quickly. In the Summer months for the same sized family of 4, you can expect to extend this out to 6-12 weeks on the same sized cylinder.

If you are only using gas for cooking, a 45Kg Gas cylinder can last up to 12+months for the same size residence. 

My Gas Consumption Is Higher Than Usual – Do I Have A Gas Leak?

When a household notices an increase in gas usage or increase frequency in orders the first question is usually Do we have a gas leak? The general rule is no- unless you can smell gas, it’s not unusual to use more gas in winter. You will often find that seasonal changes coincide with consumption changes, colder months you use more to run heaters or showers, and warmer months the consumption tends to fall. Your gas supplier will keep a purchase order history to help to track your average consumption and determine your average replacement period, ensuring your home never runs out of gas.

Examples of How Long A 45kg Gas Bottle Lasts for An Average Household

There are approximately 2268ML of energy per 45kg Gas bottle, and while there is a mathematical equation to working out your actual consumption, each appliance may not be as efficient. 

If you know the Megajoule rating of your appliances (you can usually find this info on the data plate of the appliance) you can calculate how many hours a 45Kg gas bottle will last. In general, you can use the theory that 1 kg of gas contains 50.4 MJ of energy, meaning 45 kg x 50.4 MJ = 2268 MJ. 

Here Are A Few Examples to Calculate Usage.

  • A cooktop burner used for 60 minutes per day based on 9ML gas bottle will last for 244 days
  • A Gas Fireplace used for 2 hours per day based on 25 MJ gas bottle will last for 44 days
  • A 16L/min Hot Water used for 30mintues per day gas bottle will last 35 days

These approximate estimations do not take into consideration any heavy reliance on gas such as teenagers taking long showers, visitors staying for the holidays or daily BBQ’s.

Tips on Managing Your Gas Consumption

  • Install water-saving showerheads
  • Dishwashers and washing machines often have an economy mode that uses lower temperature settings. This will save on water heating.
  • Make sure pot lids fit snugly to lessen the heating time and put the pots on the stove while heating up, this method pre-cooks your food, reducing the time it takes to cook.

A 45kg LPG gas bottle exchange service is a convenient and on-demand gas solution, perfect for residential gas consumption when usage is low to medium. Ordering is effortless these days, usually done online, and if you’re one of those super-efficient homemakers you can have a 2-bottle gas bottle exchange installed. A lever connects two 45kg gas bottles so when one bottle is empty you simply switch over to the full one. This is a no fail cue to call and order a replacement bottle and ensures you’ll always have a constant gas supply.

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