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General Lighting Instructions for Gas Hot Water System

General Lighting Instructions for Gas Hot Water System

My water won’t heat up, what should I do?

When your gas water system is not heating up, you must check the pilot light for storage tanks or the gas ignition burner for instantaneous water systems. Generally, the pilot light or gas ignition burner automatically switches as the water is turned on and off. If the water doesn’t heat up, turn off the gas supply and contact your gas provider immediately.

Although relighting the pilot light or ignition burner is relatively easy to do, always remember to follow the set of guidelines provided by the manufacturer. So, the first thing that you should do is to read the manual or label for safety information.

Remember that gas is combustible and may cause harm if not handled with proper preventive measures. So, take time to read the safety precautions carefully.

General Lighting Instructions for Gas Hot Water System

Let me reiterate that gas is combustible. Before lighting your gas hot water system, always check for gas leaks. When there are no leaks and you have understood all safety precautions indicated in the product label or manual, it is time to light your gas hot water system.

The general lighting instructions may include the following steps:

  1. Remove the outer door or access panel.
  2. Set the thermostat dial to the “Pilot Lighting” position.
  3. Turn the gas control clockwise to the “Off” position.
  4. Wait for five (5) minutes to clear out any undissipated gas. If you smell gas, stop and proceed to the precautionary instructions on the label.
  5. After clearing any undissipated gas, remove or open the inner panel below the gas control unit.
Gas hot water systems feature an intricate system of tubes that need to be protected
  1. Locate the pilot-follow metal tube from gas control. This is typically found in front of the burner.
  2. Again if you smell gas, stop, otherwise turn “On” the gas control counterclockwise to the “Pilot Lighting” position.
  3. While pushing and holding the control knob, immediately light the pilot with a match. Do this for about a minute after the pilot is lit.
  4. Release the control and let it pop back up. The pilot should remain lit. However, if it goes out, repeat steps C through H.
  5. When the pilot maintains its light, close the inner panel.
  6. Turn the gas control clockwise to a full “On” position at arm’s length. Remember not to use gas control to regulate the flow of gas.
  7. Similarly, at arm’s length, set the thermostat to your desired setting. Generally, 120°F is the preferred starting point for most thermostats.
  8. Before adjusting the thermostat, make sure that you have read the warning information about your water heater’s thermostat.
  9. Lastly, close the outer panel and enjoy hot water for your bath and other household needs.

Every appliance, including a gas hot water system, comes with product labels that indicate the warnings you should watch out for. This is to prevent any unwarranted incidents that may happen. As much as hot water is important, your life is even more precious.

Call your trusted gas provider for assistance if you are not confident about installing and lighting your gas hot water system.

Now that you know the general lighting instructions for gas hot water systems, are you ready for a luxurious hot shower system?

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