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Everything You Need to Know About LPG

Everything You Need to Know About LPG

65% of Aussies rely on LPG gas for their energy consumption. However, is this everything you need to know about LPG?

There are many interesting facts about LPG that you should know. Not only is it a cooking aide but also a versatile fuel used in many industries.

Did you know that Australia produces its LPG?

Indeed, over 80% of LPG is locally made for the Australian household and various industries. Most hospitality entities like restaurants, cafes and other commercial establishments rely on the use of LPG to keep their business going. Surely, you are one of the many consumers of LPG.

LPG is an Exceptional Energy

There is no doubt that LPG plays an important role in people’s everyday lives. LPG can be used in many industries, whether residential or commercial, small entities or big corporations. Some car manufacturers also recommend the use of LPG to fuel up their engines.

LPG is a worldwide fueling system that adheres to sustainability and competitive energy structures. It is a multi-purpose energy supply for billions of people around the globe. And the best thing about it is its portability and it can be transported and stored anywhere. Of course, safety precautions should be taken into account.

Uses of LPG

When you hear LPG, the first thing that comes to mind is cooking food. Essentially, it is the primary purpose of LPG. However, this purified and liquified natural gas can also be useful for other things like barbeque grills, shower heating systems, fireplaces, residential heaters, ovens and backup generators.

Whether you use it for household cooking or industrial heating, LPG gas offers many advantages that will suit your needs.

Advantages of using LPG

Here are the top 5 benefits of using LPG:

1. Reliability

LPG is a reliable source of fuel, particularly when cooking and sourcing heat energy. It offers convenience to every household while it is efficient for many industries like the medical and commercial fields.

2. Accessibility

In today’s world, people thrive to live in comfort and have easier access to almost everything. Thus, many LPG providers offer delivery and maintenance services at the convenience of their customers.

3. Environmentally friendly

One of the best features of LPG is the use of naturally occurring gases. Thus, making it more eco-friendly while lowering the pollution threat to the environment.

4. Cost-efficient

Did you know that LPG-fueled appliances offer more cost-efficiency compared to electricity-powered systems?

The average cost of electricity consumption in Australia is 27.5c per hour while you will only spend 24c per hour on LPG. 

PlusGas offers 45Kg LPG gas bottles which can last up to about 244 days.

5. Good source of household energy

Notably, LPG is not just used for cooking but is used for heating and hot water systems.

Can I order LPG and have it delivered today?

One of the most important services that many gas providers offer is fast delivery and offering you same-day delivery.  

LPG vs. Natural Gas

Generally, both LPG gas and natural gas are highly combustible. However, natural gas emits less carbon dioxide as compared to LPG when burned. Natural gas is also one of the safest to use since its main component methane easily disperses in the air in case of a leak.

LPG, on the other hand, has a higher calorific value. This means that a drop of it can go a long way than a few drops of natural gas. And the best thing about it is that LPG contains processed natural gases. Thus, you can be sure of its quality, efficiency and reliability.

Can I switch from natural gas to LPG?

LPG can be a more suitable option for many fuel-driven appliances. Thus, switching from natural gas to LPG can be a good choice for your household. However, you may need a licensed gas fitter to change or make necessary adjustments to your appliances. Although both natural gas and LPG offer similar heating systems, they burn differently.

Where can I find the best LPG in Brisbane?

If you are wondering which LPG supplier is the best for your home or business, PlusGas has you covered.

You can be sure to get your money’s worth with our high-quality cylinders that are tested and certified according to Australian standards. Residents of Brisbane can be sure that they have the best quality of LPG while ensuring better home appliance performance.

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