LPG Gas Suppliers & Bottle Delivery

Compare LPG gas providers and make sure you’re getting the best price

Compare LPG gas providers

There are so many LPG gas suppliers on the market and it’s hard to tell which one offers the best quality, competitive pricing and a reliable supply.

We have listed 6 points below to help you compare LPG gas suppliers and make sure you’re getting value for money.


Almost all modern businesses are now online and convenience to placing orders and deliveries is very important. Your LPG gas supplier should retain your order records, recording your average usage and you should receive automated messages and reminders. An online account makes accessing details, updating payment information and placing orders convenient. You should be able to compare consumption costs, order and pay online making your gas delivery service simple. You need to be able to communicate with the LPG supplier because no one wants to phone, be placed on hold and sign for deliveries. It should be a simple process that doesn’t cost you time.

2.Keep it Local

There are many reasons why you should look for a local Australian owned and operated LPG gas supplier that has a depot in your area. Not only are you supporting a local business in your community you benefit from all the customer service perks like same day delivery, any out of service range delivery costs and friendly staff who look after their customers.

3.Reliable Supply

During the height of winter, you do not want to be running out of gas for heating so look to a supplier that has delivery trucks in your area and capacity to supply you with gas throughout the year. Make sure your supplier has an extensive delivery area because if you live rurally this may mean delivery on certain days only or potential delivery surcharges. Check if they can supply both a cylinder exchange service and LPG tanker refills.

4.Contract Policy

A reputable gas supply company will not pressurise their customers to sign a 12- or 24-month contract. So, look for a supplier that will supply you month to month because every month is an opportunity for them to gain your business. An LPG gas supplier that offers no lock in contracts generally has high service standards and wants you to stick with them. Obviously price is also a consideration so compare not only the gas bottle prices but any charges that may not be included.

5.Gas Bottle Sizes to suit your consumption

Many LPG suppliers don’t have the capacity to fill larger 90kg and 210kg sized cylinders, so they only offer 45kg gas cylinder deliveries. In which case you may need to install a manifold system to link multiple 45kg gas bottles which is fine if that’s what you need. Tanker filled 45 kg gas bottle refill prices can be cheaper than 45 kg gas bottle exchanges so if you are a heavy user of LPG gas you may need to consider exchange vs tanker filled so be sure your gas supplier can provide what you need.

6.Does your LPG Supplier focus on residential or industrial Supply?

You want an LPG supplier that offers delivery options that suit your lifestyle and usage needs. Some industrial gas suppliers primarily deal with businesses and can only be contacted during business hours so look for an LPG supplier that understands the needs of household usage and homeowner needs.

So many LPG gas suppliers are highly competitive in price and promise the earth so it’s really important to compare all the small inclusions and look out for all the exclusions and things they don’t promise to provide like being able to contact their offices at any time and when we say contact you want real people at the other end of the phone line not automated messages of support.

If you are a first time LPG gas user you will probably have lots of questions on how it all works so look for a supplier that offers sound guidance and will help you when you need it.

Like most products and services, you can review LPG gas suppliers and post online consumer reviews.

So, if you’re still not sure which supplier to choose hop online and have a look at the google reviews. A great LPG gas supplier will actively seek real customer feedback to improve their service and you will soon enough see the responses online. Be very wary of any suppliers with no listing or reviews at all. In addition to the star rating, you can assume the number of reviews indicates real life engaged customers and not just a few fabricated reviews.

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