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6 Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Gas Bottle Supplier in Brisbane

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There are 6 factors to consider when choosing a gas bottle supplier in Brisbane.

Finding a  gas bottle supplier that you can rely on is not easy. You don’t want to be waiting around for days or even weeks for your gas bottle to rock up. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide. 

Here are 6 factors that can help you choose the right provider::

1. Save with Introductory Offers 

One of the primary factors that you should consider in choosing a gas bottle supplier is the price. Some gas suppliers offer new customer deals.

In some instances, the price also varies from company to company but at Plus Gas we keep a sharp eye on the competitors pricing to ensure we always come in cheaper. Other deals or offers may include introductory prices for new customers or perhaps the use of vouchers when buying more than 1 item.

PlusGas offers one of the best “new customer” offers in the market – check out our best deals for industrial and residential customers.

2. Don’t Get Stung with Hidden Fees

It is important to understand that there are hidden fees associated with renting gas bottles. This includes the delivery fee, maintenance charges and insurance. In this regard, it may be best to ask your supplier for all related fees before signing a contract.

At PlusGas, we have no hidden fees or no long-term lock-in contracts because we only want you to stay. After all, you are happy. 

3. Availability and Accessibility

When you need gas you need it fast. Nobody wants a cold shower or microwaved dinner. We guarantee the same day or next day delivery service.  

4. Customer Care

Customers are inevitable in every business. We respond to your needs with the utmost care and diligence. 

Fair pricing and high-quality gas bottles must go hand in hand with exceptional client satisfaction.

While some gas suppliers would pass you between different departments for various enquiries, PlusGas will get it done with just one call.

If you need the best gas bottle service in Brisbane, choose PlusGas!

5. Related Services

Gas bottle suppliers also offer installation services. Not everyone understands the process of properly installing gas bottles, whether in households or businesses. Gas service providers underwent extensive training in installing gas bottles and troubleshooting any leakages or improper installations.

PlusGas is not just a gas delivery service but a gas service provider you can trust.

6. Contract Determinants

A contract binds the supplier and the client to ensure a good business relationship. However, it may be noteworthy to remember to know the related provisions of your contract before closing the deal with your gas bottle supplier.

One of the most important provisions that you must consider is the duration of the contract. You must also take into account any changes in the pricing while the contract is in effect. In most cases, these important sections of the contract are discussed with you before signing the contract.

Another important thing that you must take note of is the turnaround time. This means the time lapse between the signing of the contract and the delivery of your gas bottles. While some may take about a week to deliver, PlusGas ensures same day or next day delivery.

Lastly, take note of the provisions on contract cancellation. This is important, especially for fully-paid contracts.

Choosing PlusGas for Your Gas Bottle Supply

Looking for an affordable and quality gas bottle supplier in Brisbane?

Look no further, choose PlusGas!

Why choose PlusGas?

PlusGas in Brisbane is a family-owned and operated business. They have been providing for many households as well as industrial and commercial businesses in Brisbane for years. Thus, you can be sure that you get the service that you deserve and quality gas bottles.

For the best gas bottle supplier in Brisbane, Contact PlusGas today!

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