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5 Things to Know Before Upgrading Your Hot Water System

Hot water systems offer heated water for the entire household. Whether for kitchen use or bathing, having accessible hot water can help you get through your busy day. When choosing a hot water system, it helps to consider some factors.

5 Things to Know Before Upgrading Your Hot Water System

1. The most common hot water systems in QLD

  • Electric: This is probably the widely used source of power for many hot water systems. It is easy to use and available in all regions of the country but you may need to consider the monthly cost of your electric bills.
  • Gas: The most cost-efficient fuel source for hot water systems is LPG gas. Just imagine how much you can save on your bills. They are easy to use and a reliable power source. All you need to do is to have an extra LPG bottle and to make sure that you don’t run out of gas and find a reliable provider of gas in your area.
  • Solar: The use of solar energy is becoming more prevalent in some areas of Australia. The thing is, some solar-powered panels may not work during rainy days or the cold season. If your area typically gets stormy climates most of the year, it may be best to opt for another energy source to power your water system.
  • Heat Pump: This works by using the warm air around to produce heated water. Surely, it can be cost-efficient but this is not recommended for properties with fewer air resources. You have to have a big space where there is free access to warm air. You should also have a backup energy source when the weather gets cold.

2. Which hot water systems are the most cost-effective in the long term?

●      Which is the cheapest option upfront

Gas and solar hot water systems are becoming prevalent because of their energy efficiency features. On average, the installation cost of a solar hot water system is between $3,500 to $5,000. If you wish to add more features to your solar energy panel systems, an added cost may be expected.

A gas hot water system, on the other hand, costs between $770 to $2,000. This includes installation and miscellaneous costs. While both are energy-saving, you can save up to $3,000 if you choose a gas hot water system.

●      Gas vs Solar in the long run

Aside from the upfront cost, even the maintenance of a gas hot water system is also cost-efficient compared to solar. The best thing about using gas is it works in any kind of weather. And it works even during power outages.

3. The Space Needed for the Hot Water System

When choosing the perfect hot water system, consider the area where it is to be installed. In most cases, storage tank water systems may need bigger space depending on the size of the tank.

If you have a small area for the hot water system, it may be best to go tankless. Whether your fuel source is gas or electricity, a tankless hot water system can help optimise your space.

4. Know the System’s Efficiency

Another thing that you should consider is the hot water system’s efficiency. It should provide you with heated water whenever you need it. The availability of hot water should also cover the needs of all family members in your household.

5. What features should you consider?

Lastly, know the features included in buying a hot water system.

  • Anti-scale: Scale build-up especially at the bottom of the storage tank can shorten its durability and reliability. Although scaling may not be avoided as these are mineral components of the water, it helps to choose a unit that has an anti-scaling feature.
  • Drain valves: These are typically found at the base of the water heater, hence, exposed to the wear and tear resulting from hot water. It is highly recommended to look for brass drain valves as these are more durable than plastic ones.
  • Warranty: Choose a water heater with the longest warranty. They may cost more upfront but offers efficiency during repairs.
  • Tank material: One of the best types of storage tank water systems are made with glass lining since they are less corrosive.

Now that you know what to look for when buying the best hot water system. It may be best to choose the perfect fuel source to match it up.

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